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Mini Ladd

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    1. pee man


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      1. TAFTalishous

        @Илларион • 35 years ago exactly (3)

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        @Илларион • 35 years ago exactly (2)

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        Grow up

    4. Keitorin

      quarantine is slightly better, thank you mini dad.

    5. MR.candycane

      Giraffe:hey there yall wanna play??? Mini:AAaaAAH!! Giraffe:;-; ok then

    6. Cool Games & Plushies

      This was posted on my birthday

    7. Crimsonlancer #187

      Oh boi is this gonna kill him

    8. 2026 Harrison Carrazzo


    9. Spencer Northington

      Attic key I don’t know where that goes

    10. Pineapplesmuggler man

      Kinda just stealing Quackitys idea

    11. Awkwardlife 18

      13:36 ...hmm

    12. Poppy Flower

      BRUH, you should play scp.

    13. Cat TheMisfitGamer

      Can someone tell me what this horror game is called

    14. Lexie4892

      What is this game called and is there another?

    15. Joan Ugrinovski

      Anyone here after you've watched Markaplier play this game

    16. Aidan B

      This guy is so in easily scared 😂

    17. whyu_sosalt Tyler

      12:48 stupid u thought 12:53 boi u thought u could run away from me

    18. _ ha gay

      Father you look like tyler1

    19. ZachBlack Attack

      You say 8000 but It capped off at 5500

    20. FuntimeAnimator

      Why would you play alone?? Qvq

    21. JuKaMC24

      I will never do this kvkdkf I will cry myself to sleep

    22. Honk honk

      0:10 my guy looks so out of place here ngl

    23. F G

      So... you burn babies for water? Nice concept 👍

    24. Grand Master

      Love your content

    25. Jolly :P

      Why you say favorite like fraverote

    26. Jayme Caron

      I am 31 weeks pregnant and my baby gets all excited and moves around whenever I am watching you, he loves your voice.

    27. Ultra Gas

      What if u played this in vr

    28. Connor Gallagher

      Mini, you should do reddit 50/50 again

    29. x_NORI_x

      Mini can we get entitled parents

    30. ꕷߎpre നepߎԉᏣḥ999

      Creg listen to this is America Russia

    31. TheLazyLemon

      I love how he is like two thousand dollars off

    32. Rodrigo Marquez

      I want mini to play this with anthony

    33. Lusty Corndog

      Please bring back R/NoSleep

    34. Adam Brosche

      2:14 mini: bro, be more scary 5:10 Game: Hold my beer

    35. Blind

      i wonder where he got this idea from

    36. Nightshade

      5:11 🤣 Could we make that scare worth $1000? 🤣🤣

    37. Solaire of Astora

      My heart mini

    38. NOTSOPRO Jared

      Soooo patching things up with bryan snake i i mean craig

    39. dduke2017

      Yo imagine this game in VR

    40. backslash sniper

      What is this game called

    41. ethan smith

      meant to say I love your content

    42. ethan smith

      I love you mini ladd

    43. Devin McLeod

      Dillon being my favorite DJ and Mini my favorite IRvisionr. I enjoy this

    44. crefsy

      13:39 _so uuhhhhh,,, mini you got something to say?_

    45. xorn joix

      what game is this

    46. D/ Wadey

      Put baby in oven

    47. astro

      While people are playing scary games and not doing charity Craig is charity

    48. Greetedfox

      22:50, 23:27 🤣

    49. Greetedfox

      17:50, 19:06 that spooked me

    50. RaZeGaming101

      Who wants mini to bring back r/nosleep??

    51. silvernite requiem

      dude thats awesome youre friends with dillon francis. you two should do more collabs

    52. Galactic Gaming

      Jumpscare list pls?

    53. Jacob Conaway

      11:03........ 1943 colorized

    54. TheAbsol


    55. Mark Belokobylko

      Ohhhhhhh she’s quick

    56. DasMax Innit

      So essentially these Marked Dolls are Voldemorts horcruxes from Harry Potter?

    57. Wood Plank

      Someone please animate this! 😀

    58. milky the shake



      Mini: how do I get upstairs Stairs: PROBABLY THIS WAY...

    60. ToasterOwO


    61. Meewah

      We love MINI

    62. Joziah Herrera

      Do more scary videos

    63. The NightBlade

      mhmm yes doll, *om nom*

    64. Mystical

      I was waiting for mini to realize this game is impossible to play without teammates

    65. Chilly Plays

      You lowkey look like Craig Thompson 🤔

    66. yaboi pyxl

      you said that you "broke scp" so is an scp vid coming?

    67. Anthony Galiardi

      What game is this

    68. Blue Fox

      I watched this stream and it was amazing. I remember every moment of this lol

    69. Haider Karkamaz

      Idk y but I laugh at jump scares Is it just me or do people also laugh at jump scares?

    70. Jeremy Vera

      Mini: “Who can we get” “Celebrity DJ Dillion Francis” “Insert David Dobrik clips”


      I finally got twitch so now I can watch your streams yay!

    72. LazyRazy

      I watched this live and I hated it.

    73. Dying Ace23

      She's just been in quarantine too long lol. But Craig's gonna rescue her like he is us

    74. Shadow Warrior

      1:03 I leave my wine cellar and three crates of my finest whisky

    75. The Beak

      Giraffe is about to go all youngling killer on Mini

    76. Absuidubsa

      What game is dis?

    77. Ivan Mendoza

      Me five minutes in wtf is that shadowy figure behind him... looks closer GIANT GIRAFFE 🦒

    78. claire inman

      i flinched so many times watching this

    79. Tadan Fisher


    80. Bellywise


    81. DK GAMES

      dude that giraffe creaps me out that light setting tho

    82. Dish

      0:36 me in darksouls

    83. Rotting.maggots

      > finds attic key > doesn’t know where key goes

    84. Mark Dorado

      Whiskey cellar hell yeah

    85. Cameron

      Someone tell me what game this is

    86. ITSMuFfInTiMe_12 YT

      11:23 should've counted as $1,000

    87. Oane De Jong

      I should not have watch this just before sleeping.

    88. Killaz

      5:11 Epic Games🤣🤣👍

    89. The Stranger

      Me: *chilling* Also me: *sees giraffe in back and is scare*

    90. Nightcore Fairy

      love you dad

    91. snoop x

      Mini that game is co op

    92. Reid Conrad

      “There’s so much wood here but idk what to do with it” 😂😂😂

    93. MjWasTak3n_

      ǝɯ sǝᴉɟᴉʇɐs ɹɐǝɟ ɹnoʎ

    94. MiSt Assassin4312

      Why does this remind me of Auschwitz

    95. Izuku Midoriya

      Mini you should play pupet combo games

    96. Aaron B

      Mini.. screams me... nope

    97. Zaddahar

      Parts where mini screams 4:16 5:11 9:13 11:23 12:07 15:36 15:57 18:43 22:03 You're welcome

    98. The Bunnygamer

      I need this game which one is this

    99. Carlos Calles

      His voice is annoying

    100. kaiden hazel