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Mini Ladd

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    1. P1chon

      jackie chan's bday Apr 7 my bday Apr 7

    2. mrswat 06

      Your are awesome,full support for me😃

    3. KT Tunstall


    4. BlakeTDT

      that armpit sweat tho 3:25

    5. EN


    6. Sushii


    7. crazykids 200

      That was hilarious

    8. Lez Bhonest


    9. Revenant

      I’m coming damnit

      1. Triggery Plays


    10. Isiah Mccalop

      3:30 ya need some doderant

    11. dinotank273

      "oh! I have an idea!" Dude it's 12am, I'm trying not to laugh! Amazing video man!

    12. Ian Barney

      You ok sadboi?

    13. Saffonix

      **mass reports** 👁👄👁

    14. basegamez 78

      I'd rather watch belle delphine then this

    15. JustDeluded -

      Dude now is only Reddit page content cause nobody wants to play games with him.

    16. Ayden Bainbridge

      BeAn JuIcE

    17. Hunter Ritchey


    18. Andrej Kucharovič

      What soul ? You don't have one

    19. Nicholas Rijo

      You've went from 250k from 6M to being 250k from 5M

    20. King Frezno

      Ready for when he makes his second 5mil vid

    21. Dr PepperEmpire

      This video sucks

    22. Drifty

      2:09 seems familiar huh?

    23. Raven Rants


    24. 2 Dan


    25. Kriby is calling the Police

      You aren’t doing to well are you mini?

    26. Spicy TacoLord

      Will you shut up man? -Joe Biden

    27. Meth Man

      Hey, your vid is garbo

    28. Wert Myer

      Why's everyone dragging mini

    29. drifty Boiii_458

      Yooo it’s a MIATA

    30. drifty Boiii_458

      We goin to WAR

    31. Pois0n Light

      Lowkey miss Mini saying “underscore” instead of “slash” 😂😂😂

    32. Connor Rowse

      Craig shut up

      1. Triggery Plays

        @Summer Rose simp

      2. DoomPlague57

        @Summer Rose simp

      3. Summer Rose

        Then don’t watch

    33. Black Taffy

      Mini. You. Can't. Do. This.

    34. Oluwadabira Kayode bayewo

      most stupid not stupidest

    35. Maro


    36. Crying_chihuahua 487

      I am human

    37. Nester Lock

      You can trin mini

    38. R.I.M

      Ngl Astro cat was fire tho

    39. Darth Nero

      He should just turn himself in.

    40. Jerry Trout

      As soldier would say YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED

      1. George W. Bush

        Would rather go onto PHub and watch Leolulu.

      2. This Native

        @Summer Rose You would be missed? What are you getting at here?

      3. Summer Rose

        I would

    41. Nimrod Jones

      Skidaddle skidoodle we're putting you in Azkaban.

    42. Creative Cosmos

      This whole downfall thing is taking too long.

    43. Sheldyn H.

      Hey Mini, you should get some people and play Amon....Oh right nobody wants to play with you

    44. The decent gamer

      Meme stream?

    45. Pokepike

      I want to believe in Mini but idk anymore

    46. Luke Noble

      r/MiniLaddIsANonce on reddit ;)

    47. Carlos Abundiz

      C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l C r i m i n a l

    48. Dimond Defender

      Jshllat got 100k votes

    49. Jace Flores

      P L A Y W I T H T E R R O R I S E R A N D V A N N O S W I T H O H M P L E A S E

      1. xEli117x On Xbox

        @aidan mordy he knows

    50. Fires Echo


      1. I will roast every hater that exists.

        @kai it's defamation and we don't do defamation around these parts

      2. kai

        @I will roast every hater that exists. they are just calling him what he is

      3. I will roast every hater that exists.


    51. Fires Echo


    52. Fires Echo


    53. Fires Echo


    54. Hand is Pogシ

      Showing off deducts marks, his photoshops looked stupid.

      1. playamcnugee games

        He doesn’t have Tyler anymore

    55. Moe

      for u 🚪

    56. Hanz the Kreigsman

      *Downfall of Man: Colorized*

    57. xSamify

      "Just shut up man"- Joe Biden 2020

    58. shinier

      lower your voice we arent deaf

    59. Issaac Barnes -reagan

      Petal petal yet at you

    60. Kevin’s Chili

      Kevin’s Chili disapproves of you.

    61. Eric Herrera

      You're an awful human being.

    62. Hitoshi Shinsou

      i would rather watch every vid on troom troom :)


      9:21 exactly what everyone thinks of mini

      1. GZXplayz

        @Raziel Zakary delusional fans think its incorrect but smart people think its correct

      2. zombie blackops


      3. Raziel Zakary


      4. Autistic - Bot


      5. Goldman5023


    64. Nick

      I’d rather watch Mr Hands

      1. Rebel Scum

        @bidoof you should uh... look him up

      2. bidoof


    65. SkyKun_14

      "everything used to be fine, now look where we are."

      1. Spacehen


    66. Klemenix

      He started taking drugz to not be depressed...

    67. Incognito

      Surely trump peeking has to be urinoirs? 🤣😅

    68. horses cam be unicorns :3

      hmmm maybe if i turn up my computer brightnes-

    69. Rick Astley

      Just here to do my part and I'll be off to watch something better

      1. Neon Run

        what is that part?

    70. GirdleMcSturtle

      "5 million people used to live here, but now it's a ghost town."

      1. cam amis


      2. ItzzMadness-_-

        you said it wrong

      3. Mr Galaxy [Team Shadow Studios]

        wow......THAT IS RELATABLE!

      4. Shingles the Edge Hedge

        Was it cod 4 or mw2 i can remember now that I think about it

      5. Dummy Accnt

        @1 2 FCK U r/cursedcomments

    71. K E V O O

      We're laughing at you Not with you

      1. Rosa N Benitez

        @Summer Rose That’s exactly what we’re doing fool

      2. Summer Rose

        Speak for yourself

      3. Rosa N Benitez

        @Life Of Quinn Not really

      4. JayIsToxic

        @Life Of Quinn Not really

      5. SuperNeird

        @Life Of Quinn Not really

    72. GoGo Remakes

      This is pretty hard to watch

      1. Jorge Esparza

        @Summer Rose ok

      2. Summer Rose

        Then don’t

    73. launch ze stonks

      congrats on 5 mil been here since 6

    74. mini ladd did nothing wrong

      Great video.

      1. mini ladd did nothing wrong

        @bidoof you joined 3 years ago.

      2. bidoof

        You joined 10 houres ago

    75. Seraphim Uploads

      You will give in one day, Mini. Doesn't matter when, doesn't matter where. Your end is inevitable.

      1. The Master Assassin


      2. YesterdayYes


      3. Adrian Tai


    76. dubsta 6x6 Gaming 2.0

      i really enjoy watching your inevitable downfall keep it up

      1. Autistic - Bot

        So do i

    77. Local Foo


    78. Alex Econome

      Black holes aren’t planets Mini

    79. Matthew Stewart

      Hope your doing good

      1. grandmacat

        Hopes he's not

    80. Lauren Wolfe

      i keep coming back to his vids to see if he’s left..unfortunately he hasn’t

      1. xoxo

        he has now

      2. Oh baby a triple

        @Felix Warrior salty?

      3. Felix Warrior


      4. Alienators17


      5. Autistic - Bot

        I wish

    81. Tiniest Scrub

      I'd rsther watch jaystation than any of this dumpster fire

      1. Summer Rose

        Then do it

      2. Nick

        Jesus dude

    82. Lexer Williams

      So much pain

    83. Lexer Williams

      I rather watch pitch drip then watch you!

      1. Reaper

        We get it

    84. John Villarente

      I would rather watch Morgz

      1. Cain Everett

        I’d rather watch Morgz dad

      2. Jordan Mcminn

        IM SORRY BUT WHAT?????

      3. Tony The Hawk

        I'd rather watch Morgz' mum

      4. hippity hoppity

        Dont bring morgz into this

    85. Lucid-Penny

      Id rather listen to lizzo for 10 hours straight then watch this video



      2. Summer Rose

        @chandler pixiestick dealer id listen to both ☃️

      3. chandler pixiestick dealer

        @Summer Rose challenge accepted

      4. Summer Rose

        Then do it

      5. chandler pixiestick dealer


    86. Frisk 54

      I genuinely would rather watch Amy Schumer, than this crap.

      1. JayIsToxic

        @Reaper sure you do

      2. BAPE Cartz

        @Reaper ok

      3. KoffeeFyre

        Furry porn is better than this.

      4. Reaper

        @Hugh Jass we get it

      5. Hugh Jass

        Nah I’d rather watch lily singh or lele pons than this

    87. CerealBandit

      You are struggling arent you bud

    88. Mike Oxmall


    89. Lil Cringe

      Would rathe watch paint dry

      1. Caleb Mayer


      2. The Dreadnought

        @KGuy224 these are my people

      3. KGuy224

        RTGame's got you there.

      4. Shmoo Boglee

        @Taco Salesman as I said. It would be more funny too.

      5. Taco Salesman

        I’d literally rather watch grass grow, at least grass is more useful

    90. Gideon Armagost


    91. Lil Homo

      I Would rather watch T Series

      1. Vedant K

        They do actually make good movies

      2. Reaper

        What wrong with t series

      3. Odd Kill 35


    92. Nate Jarboe

      Has to go to other people's reddit because nobody uses his (or wants to)

      1. Felix Warrior


      2. Shimp

        You cant post on it anymore

      3. Nate Jarboe

        @Dark Thunder lol

      4. Dark Thunder

        Or he can't use his anymore.

      5. mini ladd did nothing wrong


    93. BeanFilled Frog

      9:25 This dude thinking about video ideas

    94. Red Forest


    95. :3 :3 FoReVeR nErD :3 :3

      I see where he gets inspiration for his thumbnails now.

      1. Oshabot 16

        @Med but reddit sucks

      2. HabibDesign


      3. Titanium Guy


      4. Game Boi8315


      5. Med

        So many people just got woooshed

    96. KartulViiner

      U ded

    97. Dead Fish


    98. Mystic Snicks

      Mini for president! Make memes amazing again

      1. Shingles the Edge Hedge

        Hey im with you (should we tell him)

      2. Mystic Snicks

        @Yung_Dior Yes sir.

      3. Yung_Dior

        Really bro ?

    99. Sr Julious

      This is funny but we are laughing at you not with you.

      1. Rosa N Benitez

        @Jeromes Cult Leader Yes really

      2. JayIsToxic

        You right

      3. Tiny person

        @Jeromes Cult Leader Yes really

      4. oD iFlash

        @Hayley Grant shut up Hayley

      5. Wildfire

        @Hayley Grant reddit moment

    100. Jul1us

      You look happy bro good for u

      1. Yung Creedo

        @Jonathan Diaz people are slowly giving up on him

      2. Yung Creedo

        @Jonathan Diaz yes

      3. Jonathan Diaz

        @Yung Creedo you talking to me?

      4. Yung Creedo

        @Jonathan Diaz just shut up

      5. Cubeboy zerosix

        @Jonathan Diaz I agree