Loba Is Great

Mini Ladd

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    1. Dig Duke

      Forgiveness not found

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        Here before it happens

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    3. Noah Blangeres

      how much did he pay noah?

    4. Narnia Lives


    5. ika04

      i thought you love them mini not thicc

      1. The dog


    6. AshBlueFox

      He said what we were all thinking

    7. Narwhal

      This was *painful.*

    8. Arnold Vargas

      He is so dogshit

    9. Mr Unbroken

      It’s funny how Tyler dipped after mini didn’t rez him lol. Kinda don’t blame him.

    10. Lableeze


    11. Lil Jacq

      I really hope they make apex cross platform

    12. Katie Adamovic

      Please play this game more😂

    13. kiwok73

      Man i sure am glad I’m gay

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    15. Depressed Engineer

      ha ha thumbnail go butt

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    17. Fidele James

      More apex

    18. sinister568 glass

      Mini lad: HOW DID HE GET UP THERE!!! Me: do they know how to play apex

    19. Drborn Awesomeness

      Dude I really enjoy your vids but watching this is just how you lvl 77

    20. XeroTheTrap

      Wildcat? Toxic? Never...

    21. Drippy

      Sugary cake!

    22. Luke Bywater

      Y did mini break up with sammi can someone

    23. Everett henry Eidson smith

      I wonder why he loves her

    24. Jerrika Haught

      Welcome to Apex Legends

    25. ImSleepy Head

      Loba deez nuts

    26. Bitch go Make me a sandwich

      I like how much pressure you are putting on mini lad if you get knocked shut up 🤐

    27. Hayden Gordon

      Loba somehow out thicced my bae Watson

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    30. CampioneDi17

      Loba= Lovely omega beautiful ass

    31. Goco

      10/10 thumbnail.

    32. Mikey Bolt

      Comfirmed ass guy

    33. Dark Spy432

      Bruh i don't care about apex legends i just want my Titanfall 3

    34. MITCHELL

      Day 103 of asking mini what headphones he has ATH-M50 for anyone wants to know I keep commenting because it is fun to do

    35. C

      patterrz is that u???

    36. Aiden Devers

      You should watch micheal reeves

    37. Cullen 332

      I may not like apex but mini is to charismatic to not watch

    38. blackmamba590 blackmamba590YT

      Play zombies with NoahJ

    39. jesse pinkman

      Why aren't I getting notifications? :(

    40. a person on the internet

      Mmmmmmmmm got dauam

    41. MechanicalBoy

      Loba deez nuts ni-

    42. Conkle Bizarre

      Friendship ended with Fortnite. Now Apex is my best friend.

    43. UndeadScout

      And now I feel better about how I play

    44. Loki

      Plays apex only to see that ass

    45. Devin Hill

      I can understand why Mini doesn’t play with Wildcat much

    46. Alex Peet

      Dam I use bangalore too

    47. Ethan A

      Look I found an Otter shows elephants Mini: well shut

    48. Thunder_king20

      You should watch sr pelo mokey's show

    49. Rex Tail

      "ThEyrE sTiLl PLaYiNg GmOd?!"

    50. quinnjonlogan20

      Anyone know what happened to miniladds nosleep playlist

    51. Johanna Flenner

      Mini open your damn apex packs

    52. IzJusMe

      god i wish i was not running linux

    53. Awesomegumball14 R6

      Miniladd:I forgot how to heal in this game Game after showing how to atleast recharge shield: *heavy breathing*

    54. Captain 4EVA


    55. The BLITZKRIEG Gamer

      I'm so happy that you're playing Apex😁

    56. fishgamez

      u should play raft

    57. Jacob Gravener

      Hey mini I got her twitch prime

    58. Fizzy Pegasus

      Play more apex

    59. Raka A.

      | || || |_

    60. DMZBearcat

      anyone else gets triggered when he used that medkit for 5 hp

    61. Cebtember

      Oblivious with skydive trail LOL

    62. Zenwalt

      Mini: uses medkit. Health: 90%

    63. Hydr4 542

      She is MEGA THICC.

    64. Orlando Magic

      Can you play uno again

    65. ZT

      She’s almost as thick as Mini. Almost. Thank god for that.

    66. Ellis Harrison

      I’m sorry Craig but for my ocd’s sake get better

    67. Thomas Cremens

      291,779th view 714th comment

    68. Matteo Molina

      Me silently in corner wattsons thiccer

    69. JAY_SUZUYA


    70. Hexx Mercury

      Ayyy if ya want some fucked up fan fic go to “Melina-Frank-13” on Wattpad because I’m a normie! 🤙🏻

    71. He Nugget

      Welcome to apex.

    72. Redreaper5786 0

      Mini Ladd phhhh hahah more like mini simp or simp Ladd

    73. Jacob Callahan

      EApex care, you sure about that

    74. Yousuf

      Its 6:50 AM and NGL I read your video as Lobia instead of Loba

    75. Estellina Avila

      Play vr chat

    76. Makenzie

      Loba'a personality makes me wanna play Revenant ngl. Turns out I'm actually pretty good with him

    77. John Nieves

      I wanna play with him BUT IM CONSOLE

    78. ItsToxican

      simp... sorry

    79. CyberianDxD

      I want to ask everyone should I quit youtube I just feel like everything I do nobody likes

    80. Cherry204

      Would love to see more Apex videos Craig!

    81. Yearly

      How many black shirts do you jave

    82. Brock Lee

      Wildcat and Craig playing together again? *€veryone Liked that*

    83. HalfNoob

      I just want to tell u mini i went bald cuz u did 😁 (kinda refreshing not gonna lie)


      Loba deez nuts

    85. Alex Kokoska

      Did they seriously add loot boxes to this already broken dead game?

    86. Mr. Flores

      Mini can you play apex with me ;-;

      1. Mr. Flores

        My name is AceOrca31681537

    87. Posiden6Gaming9 YT

      CRAIG DO YOU PLAY PS4 apex me and my brother love your content been years watching you would you play apex 1-3 rounds with us? Let me know please

    88. Trey A.

      Have Mini play ranked so he can cry

    89. Lucas Leon

      Heh......fortnite ded....heh

    90. NS Monkey

      MAKE MORE APEX CONTENT PLEASE!!!! (also love you mini

    91. Goiyan

      Sooo anyone gonna tell him that damage stacks

    92. QW3RTY

      Mini: I don’t want to get demonetized!!!! Also Mini: DAMN BOI SHE T H I C C

    93. Frostee

      Craig playing apex legends in apex legends

    94. Arxest

      I didn't expect this at all... good stuff and Loba is thicc

    95. Rumpie Dumpie

      Apex better than fortnut

    96. Joie Joseph

      Hold up when did he start playing Apex

    97. Gustavo Delarosa

      Mini plays apex?!?!?!!!?! Wwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaatttttt?!!!?!???!?!!!

    98. Greatkhan6

      "Video Game, video game, I can't aim, that's fine" Someone please remix that

    99. BlackravenSSS

      I'd enjoyed LOBing something in her backstory :3

    100. Yea Nah

      Is matchmaking fixed tho?